A Wake up Call

Let’s end our dependence on Fossil Fuels

Today, we have become extremely dependent on fossil fuels. 81 percent of America’s energy comes from fossil fuels. While this number has decreased, this is still an extremely high amount. We all know that fossil fuels are limited, yet we still keep using them in markets like the manufacturing and energy industries. Most of our Carbon Emissions come from Fossil Fuels, but still we have not made the switch. We are still too dependent on the old grid, fossil fuels and petrochemical products in general. My question is “Why”? There are practical solutions out there. Renewable resources technology has increased greatly over the past few years, along with more up and coming solar companies. America has always been in the front to adopt new technologies and innovations, especially in the Information Technology space. So, why haven’t we switched in the energy and manufacturing sectors? Why are we still dependent on petrochemical products and fossil fuels?

There are many answers to this question. Many say it’s because of decreasing oil prices, or the failures of Solar Companies like Solyndra. While these may be true, I believe that the reason we have not changed is because of a more psychological reason- an unwillingness to change.

This behavior can be explained through a very simple quote, “If something works don’t fix it.” This thinking can be seen in the petrochemical industry. During the 20th century, and the early 21st century, fossil fuels and petrochemical products were the answer to our demands. Clean Coal Technology was the solution. But, as time progressed and as more scientific research was done, we must come to a realization- Fossil fuels are not the answer. Studies show that an increase of Carbon Dioxide caused by Fossil Fuels is one of the biggest factors causing Climate Change. Fossil fuel extraction is also polluting our water, air, rivers, aquifers etc. Some places do not even have access to clean tap water anymore!

So, how long are we going to remain stubborn and not change? The more we procrastinate, the more we postpone signing treaties, and the more we argue; more lives are being put in danger and more people are being robbed of their basic necessities: clean air and water.

We MUST change. No longer can we go with the mentality of “If something works don’t fix it.” It is time that we break this habit and realize the severity of our actions. We must stop using fossil fuels in the manufacturing and energy industry. We must start the change NOW!

There is still hope. We have not completely lost. If we join together, and rethink, redesign and restore with environmental sustainability in our hearts, then there is hope. If we make environmental care, a priority and put it on the economic and social agendas, then there is hope. If we focus on the future generation and sustainability for years to come, instead of the short term gain, then there is hope. If we start caring more about our basic necessities, instead of short term profit, then there is hope.

So, this is why we must wake up and take action now. There is still hope, and if we join together and make changes, we can solve our issues and end our dependencies on all fossil fuels and petrochemical products.


About The Author:

Pavan-1Pavan is 14 years old and a passionate environmentalist. He is the founder of non-profit organization, Green Kids Now, Inc. He is also the founder of Green Kids Conference. Pavan has published two books, “Geckoboy-The Battle of Fracking” and “Two Tales from a kid”. He is a Climate Leader and also enjoys being a global reporter.

To request Pavan for a presentation, you can submit a request at: http://presenters.climaterealityproject.org/presenter/pavan-gowda_7084

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