LEAD the 21st Century!

Children’s Innovation Center, a non-profit program in Newark CA, addresses the gaps in our current K-12 academic curriculum, and brings transformational education accessible to our students through after-school programs and camps. The waves of innovation model, shows that we have had five waves of innovation since the 17th century. The sixth wave of innovation is […]

Food Choice Awareness

  We all need to be aware of our food choices. Me and my friends volunteered at the Fremont Earth day fair and took surveys of other citizens at the Earth day fair. We picked broad topics to research, such as GMO related questions and raw vegetable related questions. Our goal was to see if […]

My Aquaponics Adventure!

Recently I visited two Aquaponics farms. The farms were called, “Ouroboros Farms” and “SchoolGrown”. The tour of these aquaponics farms was thrilling because I like plants and animals. Aquaponics is an alternate farming method which combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics together. Alternate farming methods are going to play a very important role in our future. We can also […]

A Wake up Call

Let’s end our dependence on Fossil Fuels Today, we have become extremely dependent on fossil fuels. 81 percent of America’s energy comes from fossil fuels. While this number has decreased, this is still an extremely high amount. We all know that fossil fuels are limited, yet we still keep using them in markets like the […]

The amazing experience I have been given!

Author: Reshana is a student at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School, NY.  Hello my name is Reshana. I am 12 years old and I attend Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (MELS). This school, empowers students by helping them understand the impact of their daily actions as well as the actions of others. By using New York City […]

No Meat May!

Author: Isabella, Student at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School, NY  In ELA class, we have been learning about how our actions impact the earth negatively. The commitments that we are doing connects to the school’s mission, because our mission is to help make the world more sustainable. My commitment is to give up all types of […]

Fair Trade

Author: Megan, student at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School, NY  Sustainability has been a common topic in all of my school classes. For example, a sacrifice to cut out one non sustainable activity/thing from our lives in ELA, fossil fuels and their impacts in science, sustainable packaging in math, and how sustainable the current clothing system […]

Are we going to awaken to the energy crisis yet?

More than 100 years ago, when the great scientist, Nikola Tesla, spoke about the sustainability and safety of the sources of our energy, we refused to listen. We refused to awaken to the great inventor, Thomas Edison, when he proposed the need and benefits of renewable energy sources. When we adopted these two great scientists’ […]

The 3 New R’s for our path forward

    When most people think about environment care they think of the current ‘R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. But, these ‘R’s, are not sufficient as it only focuses on Waste Management. Going forward I think we should adopt, “Rethink, Redesign, and Restore” with Environmental Sustainability in the core of everything we do. […]